Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★½

I want to give this a higher rating, I really do, but I just can’t do that honestly after sitting through this with a knot in my chest for the greater duration of it. It did get a lot more bearable towards the end for obvious reasons, but I felt like I had to work pretty hard to get to that insight. There are little moments and details that I find quite admirable and do recognize that there’s valuable purpose and intent behind the cringe factors, but not enough to get me fully behind it. And there is a morbid understanding behind why both billy and Layla do what they do and act how they act despite the unreasonable aspect of it. I would call it Stockholm syndrome on Layla’s end but it just isn’t even that? I don’t know, but it did leave me in a discomforted stupor despite my efforts to try and rationalize the sensibility of their respective actions and even find humor in it? 

This is one of those instances in which I feel like hot person privilege in the reverse effect works in its favor. If Vincent Gallo was hot, this surely would’ve been received more poorly. 

There were some really enjoyable visual moments, first example being THE SHOES of this movie, oof! And of course it being shot on 35 mm, as well as the addition of the collage style overlays and flashbacks; those were major redeeming factors. But others fell kind of flat for me, like the spotlight moments, which I was truly expecting to like both times that they happened, but just... didn’t. It just felt, I hate to say it, but a tad bit honky. Maybe I’m being over critical? Maybe I am really missing the point But this is just my initial reaction so maybe I’ll think on it some more and revisit this review. 

As soon as I saw Vincent gallo’s ass crack 2 minutes into the movie I audibly sighed and laughed because I knew exactly what kind of person his character would be. That needs no further explanation.

Also really liked the font! 

Bummed I will be missing the club discussion for this because I know there will be contention and I do really wanna hear the rationale for high appraisal. I could be swayed! But i also cannot imagine loving this movie in any universe. 

I’m sorry Ben 😔 hope this doesn’t ruin your week 

(Heat check goes to the red boots)

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