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  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    “This is not going to end well” proclaims Adam Driver’s Officer Ronnie Peterson - with eerie prescience - just as the sleepy town of Centerville begins to experience some peculiar events at the start of Jim Jarmusch’s uber-metatextual, comedy-horror, zombie-apocalypse cum political-satire The Dead Don’t Die. In the movie’s universe, Ronnie’s ominous prophecy refers to the eventual fate of the characters at the center of the story, but - staying faithful to the script’s meta nature - the aforementioned pronouncement…

  • Ma



    It takes some serious cajones to construct a slasher which hinges on eliciting sympathy for the central menace. Whenever even the most established of franchises have attempted to delve into the psyche of the terrifying killer relentlessly stalking the unsuspecting townsfolk, the results have been less than stellar. Nevertheless, in Ma, Octavia Spencer re-teams with The Help director Tate Taylor to bring to life a screenplay penned by Scotty Landes - a first timer to the feature film world -…

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  • Booksmart



    FOMO - fear of missing out. The often irrational dread that there are some experiences in life that are just so fundamental to a fulfilling stay on this planet that the mere idea of not partaking in them sends literal shivers down the spine. FOMO has perhaps always been the key driving force behind all of mankind's most unwise decisions. But lately, the frankly absurd explosion of social media platforms has undoubtedly exasperated this very basal of human anxieties.


  • Rocketman



    Amongst the age-old questions that relentlessly haunt the collective human conscience, perhaps the most pressing is the perplexing conundrum: how to make a genuinely imaginative and compelling music biopic in the post Walk Hard era. Bohemian Rhapsody made a gainful attempt but ended up wearing the genre’s tired cliches with all the subtlety of Rami Malek’s false teeth. Step forward Rocketman; the Dexter Fletcher helmed chronicling of Elton John’s legendary - borderline mythologized - early career distinguishes itself from the…