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This review may contain spoilers.

things in the neon demon that made me go "shhhhiiiittttt"

- "a diamond in a sea of glass" cut to Elle blinking her sea green shadowed eyes
- the strobe scene
- the runway scene 
- "are you food or are you sex?" being a metaphor for literal cannibalism & necrophilia 
- "do you see me?!?" + the ending shot w the eye 
- necrophilia intercut with a fantasy of a 16 year old feeling herself up - many ppl are crying misogyny & male gaze here but i think its calling out ppl who sexualize Jesse. to me it screams ‼️if u only find one of these scenes gross/uncomfortable thats fucked up‼️  
- abbey lees body 
- abbey lees bone structure 

also luv how disposable men are in this

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