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  • The Wrestler
  • Hair
  • Women Talking
  • Crimes of the Heart

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  • A Haunting in Venice


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  • Cassandro



    La escena de Saúl en la piscina nueva con su mamá electrifica porque es la ciencia misma de la lucha libre - cortarla antes de que Juan Gabriel llegue al coro en "Hasta que te conocí" es falsificar la herida, bailar alrededor del momento violento que es el clímax lloroso de la canción. Es queja dolida pero no herida expuesta. Es Mickey Rourke escondiendo cuchillas en sus vendas en The Wrestler. De resto pues bien

  • A Haunting in Venice

    A Haunting in Venice


    A major work by virtue of casting alone. Cannot stop thinking about Kenneth Branagh in disguise speaking to the disguised child (wearing clothes that make him look older than his father) who was him in disguise in his movie about his childhood in disguise. Little Branagh, Medium Branagh, Big Branagh star in Fun Home. The ever-evolving (classically trained) Kenneth Branagh meets himself, this time, through Robert Zemeckis-esque layers of plasticity, technology and sentimentality and a web of parenthood and datura.

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  • Blonde



    Biopic nouveau: unintelligible, anonymous, uninformative, mainly private fears in private places, very little public triumph, as opposed to charitable wish fulfillment (Veneno), assisted journeying towards peace/Heaven (Rocketman, Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood) or guilt trip memorial (Judy). 

    Blonde is built "wrong". It calls to mind the urban legend surrounding Pedro Páramo, that Juan Rulfo assembled the novel in random order after dropping the manuscript. The sequencing, never interested in suggesting an ascent or frankly any movement at all like…

  • X


    - Name something a burglar would not like to see when he breaks into a house.
    - Nekkid grammaw!
    - Naked HUH?! 

    The only thing this insistence on old people's bodies being disgusting and scary does for me is make me sad; not in the way this movie thinks it does, and certainly not in the way The Visit did, sad in the way I feel when I see somebody being mean to their elders. Have some decency. What happened along the way that changed Swamp Thing for varicose veins? La Mêre lies. The youth cult deceives! Sad and uninspired stuff.  ❌