The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

i knew the visuals were gonna be neat going in but i didnt expect literally every single shot to be interesting to look at. ig i knew it was a satire? but i didnt expect it to be this funny? this is honestly one of the funniest movies ive ever seen. ig not that much at first, but the little introductions to the seven Planet Ppl or w/e are a fucking riot, and it rly only gets more amusing from there.

really its just an entirely lovable and charismatic thing considering how theoretically experimental and challenging it is, which i think explains its enduring appeal even outside traditional "artsy" circles. its always surreal, and outside of biblical references and some political satire i definitely dont have any delusions that i "know" what its on about, but im also not really bothered by that fact. the anchoring of all the imagery in this one character of the thief, and his bizarre pilgrimage of purification and temptation and desecration, hitting some recognizable beats, means that there's like a literal line to follow thru the movie , quite easily because its so simple. and yet the film still creates this space of unmatched possibility, where it feels like anything can happen. beautifully precise chaos

also it seems quite sacrilegious!!!! which is a mood

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