The Village

The Village ★★★★½

how can such a tragic and horrifying story about oppressive systems self-reproducing even under the best of intentions, ending on a note of doubling down on what was earnestly but hastily created in the heat of grief and loss with MORE grief and loss, still feel so comforting? the soft magical touch is everywhere, the village is a thorned but well-meaning embrace. maybe the most intoxicating atmosphere m night has conjured so far besides unbreakable, just existing in this movie and feeling its wind on my skin was an experience unto itself

humanity always burns so bright, even in the characters i assumed would be the most villainized. i knew the twist going in, and somehow it misconstrued my expectations maybe more then if i went in blind, there is far more nuance and compassion for pain here then i was expecting. maybe there is hope. theyve made it this far, thought outside this many boundaries. maybe the next one they should consider, in true m night fashion, is their own story

-i cannot overstate how important james newton howard's incredible scores have been, shyamalans visual storytelling and holistic grasp of film form are obviously pivotal in this mystical hum and magnetic pull his movies seem to generate but theyre only half of an audiovisual experience
-the acting is awkward in such an incredibly specific and rich way that its secretly a totally fair cue to the final twist
-note to future smarter self, write something about disability in The Village (2004)

(i was gonna watch lady in the water tonight but i overestimated myself cuz im Very Tired, i promise ill get to it first thing tomorrow!!!)

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