The Village

The Village ★★★★★

I do long to do boy things.

feels like a whole new adventure every time. even with experience, theres still so much to see, feel, discover,,,a deeply rewarding film in spite of (because of?) the fact that its almost constructed as an anti-catharsis, there's so much we are not permitted to see, but we are given the tools by which to imagine it.

one of the darkest political films ever made, a deeply felt portrait of what "history" means in a world ruled by power, a razor-sharp dissection of the enabling mechanics of authoritarianism for those who are only to see its most gentle face (no matter how it may fail them). but the darkness wouldnt hit as hard if it portrayed those who perpetuate these systems as some kind of unfathomable other, as much radical art has...instead the film refuses to compromise its love of PEOPLE, what they are and what they could be, held accountable for their sins but never discarded as worthless or arbitrary,,,we are given the chance to see what drives humans to operate anti-human systems, forced to confront it, see ourselves in it, to learn from those who came before us with our same intention to do good and make things better, acknowledging and understanding their mistakes. we are forced to use our hope and our love, our unconditional divine compassion, an understanding of the paths other's lives have taken them, and a perspective to find better paths for those who come after us. more then anything, we must realize that we SHOULD be challenged, because our flawed world that seeks to contain us all in it wrecks havoc even on those of us who have a greater understanding then most. we must sort out our souls, if we are to truly be free.

humans made this world, and should be held responsible for it. but there is an inherent implication in this: they can also make a new one

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