Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

"A cat needs a buddy. If you get one you need to get another."

"I will pay you $200 to get no cats."

If I was to pick my favorite script of 2013 it would be a tight competition between Frances Ha and Blue Jasmine. I think both of those movies are near perfectly scripted, but for completely different reasons.

Frances Ha took me by complete surprise. I now know that's it critical acclaimed and lauded by my fellow users but I found all that out after watching the film. I wasn't expecting much but I ended up watching one of my favorite films of the year.

If Frances Ha has one downfall it's that it has an excellent script and not much else. The plot is rather slow and plodding often feeling slightly self indulgent and little happens, though it's so easy to forgive this minor flaw because whilst watching the film you are swept up in Frances life.

Frances is one of the most lovable characters in film this year. You can't help but feel at least a little love for the girl when she's making ridiculous remarks at every turn.

Frances Ha isn't perfect by a long stretch but much like the character of Frances it's flawed but you can't help falling in love with it anyway.

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