Lost Highway

Lost Highway ★★★★

After flirting with more mainstream and easily accessible projects Lost Highway sees David Lynch return to the confusing, isolating and terrifying mesh of tension and haunting visuals that he perfected in Eraserhead. This is Lynch at his most confusing, and while he's not quite at his most powerful, Lost Highway is a revolting journey that I adored.

The opening thirty minutes of Lost Highway makes a strong case for being the best work Lynch has ever done. The tension that slowly builds as Fred (Bill Pullman) and Renee (Patricia Arquette) receive increasingly disturbing video tapes in the mail is nail bitingly palpable. Unfortunately the ace is played too early as the second and third act can't measure up to the sublime first but Lost Highway is nevertheless constantly excellent.

There's mind bending aplenty, with so many twists and turns that under a lesser director you'd have serious motion sickness, Lynch however manages to control the situation, steering a violent ship with expert precision. It helps to just go with the flow, and even though it may not seem like it everything does eventually conform to logic, though granted it's the warped logic that Lynch thrives on.

Lost Highway is classic David Lynch, which is to say it's a remarkable film that manages to delight and disgust in equal measures.