The Mist

The Mist ★★★★★

Frank Darabont and Stephen King are a match made in heaven. Whilst The Mist isn't anywhere near as good as The Shawshank Redemption (but in fairness few films are) it certainly surpasses The Green Mile.

King has always written incredible characters. Adaptions of his work often lose sight of this instead focusing on the “horror” aspect and the characters suffer because of it. The Mist is so excellent because of its characters. They are the clear focus of the film the monsters are merely a plot device, albeit a very well-crafted plot device.

The Mist is an excellent study in human interaction and our primitive nature. We see that once society crumbles these characters are no better than the monsters they are trying to outlast.

The ending is like a punch in the gut, it knocks the breath out of you. It is arguable the most cruel and vindictive ending ever written but its emotionally impact is immeasurable.

Frank Darabont has proved here that he is the director that should be handed all of King’s work (can we get him working on an adaption of 11/22/63 please). The Mist is a truly haunting film with a final scene that will permeate your thought for weeks after.

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