Dagon ★★★

Stuart Gordan defined a career bringing the ideas of H.P. Lovecraft to screen, and even though Dagon is one of his weaker efforts, he maintains a panache for suffocating the audience with foreboding atmosphere. What let this production down was the budget, which was undeniably stretched unlike his earlier adaptations such as From Beyond, which looked fantastic by comparison. Had only this come to fruition back when it was originally conceived in the mid-80's, I bet it would have been a stronger showing of his talent.

It also didn't help I couldn't understand half of the dialogue, including pivotal backstory exposition delivered by characters with heavy accents.

Thanks to Dagon, I think I finally understand how movies can release with truly abysmal effects. Especially when it comes to CGI, all a director can do is film what they can and pray it comes together in post. When it doesn't, but the studio refuses to cough up more money to improve it, you would be forced to either release what you have or cut it completely. When it's essential for the story, however, what choice do you have?

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