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  • The Witches

    The Witches


    A young boy must fend off an entire hotel convention of witches – who are hellbent on turning every child in England into a mouse. I like the way the film builds the mythos – with this evil society of witches being everywhere and then covering the ways to spot them (plain shoes, itchy wigs, gloves, etc). It makes me wonder how many children thought their grandma or elderly neighbor were a witch after watching this movie. I criticized Labyrinth…

  • Carry On Girls

    Carry On Girls


    A seaside town drums up tourist dollars (from a crowd of about 40) by hosting a beauty contest. The sort of movie which thinks bottom pinching and itching powder are the zenith of comedy. Not welcome in the movie was the homophobia (a lesbian who wears a tie + a Mr Gaybody….), the transphobia (they decide they’d get publicity by entering a man in the contest), and the misogyny (the bra-burning women’s league gets involved with the contest). Whatever bawdy…

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  • San Francisco International

    San Francisco International


    This was a sort of movie pilot for a television show – which eventually starred Lloyd Bridges as the omnipotent god of the airport. Seriously, the job of airport manager must require a lengthy resume of different talents – from hostage negotiator to emergency pilot. Of course the show was meant to be in the likes of other 70s public service career shows (such as Emergency!). For what it is, this is rather entertaining and makes me at least curious…

  • Benny & Joon

    Benny & Joon


    I have a weird history with this film. A Spanish teacher in high school said I reminded her of the the leads in this film. To which I retrospectively say: “what? I remind you of Buster Keaton?” The fun elements of the Depp as Keaton role get downplayed in favor of the horrors of schizophrenia and the effects mental illness take on your family. The film likes to follow the brother – and how his life is controlled by the…