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  • Arc



    Was positively surprised by this.
    Movies about immortality/anti-senescence usually devolve into the same boring fearmongering you'd see in AI flicks or any early 2000s movie involving computers. And if there's one country on the planet you'd expect to be sceptical towards eternal youth, surely it's Japan.

    And while it's not like these voices don't exist in this movie, they certainly do, they take a while to pop up and are decently non-preachy. You can kinda just ignore the luddites and…

  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible

    This is the Mount Everest of hacks. Y'all are kidding yourselves.
    Even with top of the line crypto, cray access, STU-III...
    Thinking-machine laptops.
    I'm talking about the 686 prototypes with the artificial intelligence risk chip.
    Look, I just can't hack my way inside.

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  • It's a Summer Film!

    It's a Summer Film!


    I loved this. :)
    The lead is awesome and everyone else is cool as well and it told me not to be ashamed of liking rom-coms more than all your fancy jidaigeki.

    Though it did give me some intense Baader Meinhof when it not only quoted the book i was reading just two hours earlier, but the exact page i ended on, too. Bit spooky that.

  • Haru



    That was incredible. Best thing i've seen in a while.

    At least half of the film is just text, sometimes overlayed on some moody backdrops, most of the time plain white on blue, often in complete silence. It doesn't feel like reading a book though, or maybe it sort of does, but instead of slowly building an image of Haru and Hoshi in your head, every e-mail exchange between them is intersected with little peeks into their lives, maybe there's…