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  • What a Wonderful Family! 2

    What a Wonderful Family! 2


    Made me laugh a lot more than the first one, mostly because the events the whole film revolves around are a lot more serious, yet the film relentlessly keeps making fun of everyone and everything regardless. It works, and even elevates the topic to give you a little something to think about afterwards, a feeling i didn't get from the first one.

  • Sailor Uniform: Lily Lovers

    Sailor Uniform: Lily Lovers


    My favorite synopsis on Letterboxd.

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  • To the Ends of the Earth

    To the Ends of the Earth


    Wasn't particularly hot for this after disliking Kurosawa's other film in which he sends Atsuko Maeda to a remote part of the mainland where she struggles with language and culture before erupting into a musical performance.

    This sounded like almost the same exact deal, so i was all the more surprised by how much everything that didn't work in Seventh Code actually worked so well here.
    The anxieties ranging from awkwardness to downright fear, the gulf between expectations and reality,…

  • Himizu



    Such an emphatic, dreadfully sad but always optimistic study of depression, despair and apathy. That optimism really got to me. Much more than the sad moments, the kind ones moved me immensely.

    This is probably the most topically coherent Sono i have seen. He explores every aspect of Sumida's state of mind, relating everything back to his mental distress and never getting distracted even once. The way those doubts and thoughts are told through extreme events that however, surprisingly for…