A Ghost Story ★★★★

A deep dive into existentialism that begins with nothing more than a man wearing a sheet with two eyeholes. A Ghost Story is a film about loss, legacy and letting go. This is all kinds of artsy - but never really to the point of being self-indulgent? It's a film birthed out of its director's passion for filmmaking, shot in the weeks after he wrapped post-production on a much larger feature, and completed amongst friends. It's an intimate glimpse into a relationship with flaws. A seemingly small scale tale with huge symbolic significance.

And it's endearingly experimental. David Lowery's given himself the freedom to explore any avenue he wishes - whether it's playing with the innately funny visual motif of bedsheet ghosts, questioning our place in the vast expanse of time or quietly observing Rooney Mara devouring a pie. From an artistic standpoint, it's gorgeous. Lowery often complements his hauntingly beautiful imagery with deafening silence to cloak his picture in a (heh) ghostly ambience. I'd argue he goes a little overboard with the long takes, but they certainly do their job in amplifying the melancholy mood. Perhaps even less accessible than the kooky concept suggests, this'll appeal to a specific audience. At the very least you'll chuckle at the fact it was produced by a company called 'Scared Sheetless'.

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