Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

mmhmm yeah that's the good stuff

[sober edit]: Campy, chaotic, comic book entertainment. Thor: Ragnarok is about as shamelessly silly as a $150M+ blockbuster can get. What separates it from big budget atrocities is its self awareness. This is a Taika Waititi movie through and through - and in no mood to apologise for that fact. Thor the Third™ has so little interest in taking itself seriously, it instead turns on its own franchise with a dose of light-hearted mockery. It marries sci-fi with comedy, and draws any emotional impact through likeable characters over substantial storytelling.

And it mostly(!) works? The action isn't always convincing (though the gladiator scene is a delight), while the absurd/slapstick tone can undercut moments of sincerity. It's firmly in the GOTG Vol. 2/Iron Man 3 corner of the MCU, but doesn't boast anything quite as impactful as the former's father-son plotline, or the latter's take on PTSD. Waititi's single greatest achievement is weaving in his unique off-beat comic stylings - throwing in a few familiar faces, and ensuring the jokes land with a bang, rather than a whimper. We're talking What We Do In The Shadows-territory, verging on parody with its approach to genre, and frequently hysterical.

He's also strikes gold with his leading man. This is the single greatest showcase of MY favorite Chris' comedic talents we've seen. Taika surrounds a charismatic Hemsworth with a motley crew of incredible supporting talents, hand-picking the highlights of the first two films and enhancing his ensemble with some stellar new additions (Tessa Thompson take a bow). The end product is a colourful, geeky extravaganza, capable of recovering from an erratic opening with a total barn burner of a second act - and from there, we're plain sailing.

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