Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★★

A dream I was never ready to wake from. Vast in proportion and yet oh so... intimate. This movie is a harmonious haven of hope and optimism - one I so often find myself needing when the weight of the world beats me down. Brought to life through gorgeous animation, Your Name is a beautiful dose of escapism. The body-swap hook works on so many levels. We live vicariously through Mitsuha & Taki just as they physically live through one another. It's exhilarating, the act of leaving your own life for a few hours to bask in the seemingly mundane eccentricities of someone else's. The bond it forges between the pair is so powerful, so deep-rooted, you're overwhelmed at the mere prospect of their paths colliding. And it's funny; Never mean-spirited, always charming. So funny it could bring you to tears at any moment and you still wouldn't be sure if it was through sadness or joy.

The second half is a transcendent, cosmic outer-body experience. Visions of purple and blue and red streak across the evening sky like an exothermic explosion of emotion: frustration and anxiety and heartache and love. What Shinkai struggles to convey through words he does so through colour and light - accentuated by a beautiful symphony of musical euphoria. And as it builds to its heart-rending romantic conclusion, you're not ready to leave the soft comfort of its embrace. It’s the living, animated embodiment of that feeling you get, when you wake from a dream. It’s those last few seconds of momentary elation you feel, before it all wistfully fades away from memory…

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