King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

Kong rocks my world.

How on earth did I miss this classic for so many years? As a Giant Monster movie addict, a huge weight of guilt has been lifted off my shoulders tonight. I finally watched the film that started it all, and boy howdy was it ever a fun ride. This is just the sort of entertainment I needed after a really stressful day. Charming characters, excellent Stop-motion, a brisk pace and an endearing titular character. What more could you want?

The only thing that I could possibly complain about is the fact that the version I grew up with was Peter Jackson's 2005 remake, and while that film is certainly flawed and rather bloated, the fact that I saw it at a young age (and on the big screen no less) caused it to leave a bigger impact on me. But while Jackson's film is still my personal favourite, the mark that this film left on Cinema cannot be understated. This is a must-see for any film buff or Giant Monster Movie fan. Don't wait as long as I did. See it as soon as you can if you haven't already.

Also, I had no idea Kong was going to eat so many people. The later films really do soften him up, don't they?

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