Halloween 2020

Since the COVID-19 self distancing/ lockdown that has been happening over the last few months has made time feel absolutely meaningless (and, as my amazing roommate helpfully pointed out, since the Disney Parks Halloween parties happen around this time of year anyway) I have decided there is absolutely no harm in beginning the spooky szn much earlier. I also started Midnight Sun which has put me in the perfect, blue tinted mood. This is every Halloween movie I consumed during the spooky szn in order of when I watched them. (Also let it be known that over the duration of the season I watched 9 seasons of Supernatural, the spookiest sznest of tv shows)

  • Halloweentown



    5 August 2020: this got aaron and i set on a whole discussion about how our perception is reality because when we were kids marnie’s 13 year old “practically a grown up” self looked way older than she does now that we’re practically grown ups - this is just your classic evil guy wanted to bang your mom and is mad he couldnt so he decides to destroy the world scenario

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  • The Haunted Mask

    The Haunted Mask

    5 August 2020: carly beth has issues

  • The Houses October Built

    The Houses October Built

    6 August 2020: people who work at haunted houses are deranged

  • Scared Shrekless

    Scared Shrekless


    6 August 2020: need a pallette cleanser after watching a hyper realistic found footage horror film about a bunch of dummies?? pick up this instant classic!

  • Hocus Pocus

    Hocus Pocus


    6 August 2020: my 6 year old self be like “no don’t turn into a cat thackery you’re so sexy aha”

  • Halloween: Unmasked

    Halloween: Unmasked

    7 August 2020: watching this reminded me of being a kid watching tv in my parents’ room. i still remember the halloween in early elementary school when my mom decided to show me halloween, a movie that had terrified her as a kid. i spent the entire night waiting for michael myers to come into my room and kill me. i have been obsessed with horror movies ever since!

  • Scream



    7 August 2020: the complete audacity of billy loomis. i can’t watch this movie without thinking of the corresponding scenes in scary movie.

    25 October 2020: “i know this is billy loomis on the phone because i’m sexually attracted to his voice”

    29 October 2020: h*gh watching the starkid zoom stream of the table read & my roommate from the other room called out and said “i just realized [billy] went to her house right after the murder” and then the next day we find out stu was also with tatum after the murder so we discovered their plan included planned alibis. only took 7+ watches?

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  • The Houses October Built 2

    The Houses October Built 2


    7 August 2020: “this is giving me a charlie and the chocolate factory vibes” “no if anyone comes in here and says haunted house anything i’m kicking them in the face” “they’re so toxic” “this is actually a mental health documentary about addressing trauma disguised as a horror movie” “say halloween capital of the world again!” “this is also an advertisement for anoka minnesota” - quotes from my brother while watching this

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  • Creep



    9 August 2020: i finally showed this MASTERPIECE to my older brother!!

  • Creep 2

    Creep 2


    9 August 2020: “let’s go deep. together.” i love everything about this sequel. it’s just such a gift to the fans of the first one. when he tells sara about his serial killer mid life crisis, when he hangs himself, when he whistles the peach fuzz song <3

  • What We Do in the Shadows

    What We Do in the Shadows


    10 August 2020: this was so fun! there were so many fantastic one liners idek where to start. i guess. tfw you bite someone but then you realize you love their pants!

  • Halloween



    10 August 2020: this marks the beginning of my younger brother yossi and i trying to (hopefully) make our way through all of the movies and remakes  in this franchise this spooky szn.

  • House of 1000 Corpses

    House of 1000 Corpses

    11 August 2020: dwight?!

    29 August 2020: forced my roommate to watch this because we’re both dr*nk

  • The Devil's Rejects

    The Devil's Rejects

    11 August 2020: i loved this movie as a kid but this is somehow the first time i’m seeing it after finally seeing the first one! it’s just a testament to its greatness that i loved a sequel as if it were a standalone for all these years!

    27 September 2020: birthday dinner movie!!!!! (which basically just means i was allowed to force my roommate to watch this after she hated the first one)

  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


    11 August 2020: “you’re the worst! it’s only august!” - my older brother, shaking his head as he leaves the room

  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary


    12 August 2020: rip to louis creed but he did all of this to himself. also. the kids in the masks detail is so cool until it literally goes nowhere and that still annoys me.

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  • Halloween II

    Halloween II

    13 August 2020: yes first five minutes! give us nothing!

  • The Witches

    The Witches

    16 August 2020: tfw your grandma tells you about her best friend being trapped in a painting for her entire life as a casual bedtime story teehee (one of my roommate’s childhood faves)

  • Sleepy Hollow

    Sleepy Hollow


    18 August 2020: i am so glad this was put back on netflix because the spooky ambience is everything i’ve ever wanted or asked for this time of year

  • Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

    Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge


    18 August 2020: not my favorite of the franchise and i find it especially irritating how conveniently it’s all wrapped up at the end (they also talk very openly and publicly about being witches for my taste)

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    19 August 2020: i was so excited when the professor for my salem witch trials seminar asked my class to watch this before our first class because i had another incentive to rewatch this for the first time since i saw it two years ago (and found myself TRULY HORRIFIED by it)

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  • ParaNorman


    20 August 2020: (i also had to watch this before my first salem witch trials class!)

  • The Haunted Mansion

    The Haunted Mansion

    21 August 2020: i have never been able to understand the hate for this movie because it’s ICONIC? it’s a great ride and a great film adaptation so what’s the issue?

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    21 August 2020: it’s the score and spooky ambience for me

  • Vincent



    21 August 2020: vincent needs therapy

  • Underworld


    22 August 2020: another of my roommate’s childhood faves making an appearance!! it was nice watching this with her answering all my questions and pointing out her favorite shots!! (it’s the blue tint for me)

  • Midsommar



    22 August 2020: i forced my roommate to watch this while we were both dr*nk (but imagine being left out of your family’s suicide)

  • Coco



    26 August 2020: this is one of my favorite pixar movies of all time

  • Ginger Snaps

    Ginger Snaps


    28 August 2020: why did i know girls like this in high school

  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

    31 August 2020: i was absolutely living for the spooky opening sequence (and i spent way too much time watching this and ignoring my homework assignments) - also brady can get f*cked

  • The Addams Family

    The Addams Family


    2 September 2020: again, starting this spooky CLASSIC with a christmas carol is truly and completely the way to my heart

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    4 September 2020: had to backtrack to watch this because my younger brother (joining me on my halloween franchise journey) flat out refused to watch this because he said it sucks. adult haunted mask? anyway he was right.

  • Followers



    5 September 2020: watched this midnight the night we christened my roommate’s new b*ng (this tries so hard to be relatable but isn’t)

  • Underworld: Evolution

    Underworld: Evolution

    12 September 2020: nothing like being obliterated by 8 pm watching my roommate’s childhood favorites so all i’ve really got to say is.........people come at TWILIGHT for the blue tint but not this???

  • Twilight



    14 September 2020: VAMPIRES. sir thats my emotional support movie dad (charlie).

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  • The Ghost of Lord Farquaad

    The Ghost of Lord Farquaad


    16 September 2020: should i bring this up in therapy??

  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    16 September 2020: they love a long intro. this movie was a whole hour longer than it needed to be and boy did it draaaag.

  • Twitches



    16 September 2020: did y’all remember they’re 21 in this????????

  • Sky High

    Sky High

    22 September 2020: can this count because watching it makes me think of autumn days in elementary school spent in the auditorium during lunch because it was raining or too chilly to go outside and also there’s an evil villain which just gives spooky szn vibez. and there is something about the emo kid with long hair and fire powers being soft with his hair up in the chinese restaurant that can be so......personal

  • Us



    22 September 2020: this is my second time seeing this and it still fucked me up at the end

  • Addams Family Values

    Addams Family Values


    27 September 2020: is it my emotional support married couple? “it’s a boy” “it’s a girl” “it’s an addams”

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

    1 October 2020: name a more formative movie from my youth.

  • Blade


    1 October 2020: brought to you by huluween. my roommate proceeded to say “i can’t believe you’ve never seen this” for the entire duration of the movie

  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

    Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers


    2 October 2020: what

  • #Alive



    2 October 2020

  • The Craft

    The Craft

    3 October 2020: this girls’ night out was sponsored by freeform’s 31 nights of halloween and twisted tea

  • The Skeleton Dance

    The Skeleton Dance


    4 October 2020

  • Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic

    Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic


    4 October 2020: this is making me miss disney world EVEN MOREEEE

  • Casper


    4 October 2020

  • The Taking of Deborah Logan

    The Taking of Deborah Logan


    8 October 2020: this would be the worst documentary of all time

  • The Addams Family

    The Addams Family


    9 October 2020: the other mother???? what are you doing here????? i thought this was supposed to be the addams family

  • When a Stranger Calls

    When a Stranger Calls


    10 October 2020: watched with my older brother and roommate and screamed at jill the whole time

  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

    Halloween H20: 20 Years Later


    16 October 2020: if i could have a pretentious minute; watching this, you can tell horror movies have gotten better between this film and the last one! the jump scares, the building suspense, the ice skate in the kid’s face.

  • Halloween: Resurrection

    Halloween: Resurrection


    17 October 2020: great movie, terrible mask

  • Halloween


    17 October 2020: watching rob zombie films in elementary school was so formative ... so much love shown for the franchise with just enough rob zombie sprinkled in (and that beautiful creepy child playing young michael? yes)

  • Toy Story of Terror!

    Toy Story of Terror!

    25 October 2020: I could never forget about Combat Carl

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas


    25 October 2020: my hot take is that this is a halloween movie

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show


  • Terrifier



    21 November 2020: (sure i’m already well into christmas mode but it is still november so i figure i get a pass) my brother’s advice for this is to watch it as if it’s a comedy. mine is to not watch it.