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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    I decided to try out a review in chapters for this second viewing of The Return, in which I'll update this entry as I watch the show's Parts. Each update will include some thoughts/sensations about the Part I just watched and will probably discuss some plot points, so I'm afraid there are gonna be spoilers (although I doubt that there are that many people who haven't watched this yet).

    I have the feeling that this second time will be much…

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  • Critters 2

    Critters 2


    Hooptober Se7en - 5/32

    "Nana, the critters are here!"
    "No shit Bradley!"

    The good kind of complete and utter bullshit. Critters 2 is better than its predecessor in almost every aspect: better pacing, funnier comedy, more chewed up people and more squashed or blown up critters. Also, the bounty hunters are much more convincing here, and finally reveal themselves for what they really are: tragicomic figures looking for their true identity throughout the galaxy. Too bad for the relative lack of sci-fi mumbo-jumbo. Still not my cup of tea, but I enjoyed it more than the first instalment.

    My Hooptober list.

  • Critters



    Hooptober Se7en - 4/32

    Critters is obviously a film that should be enjoyed as a kid, like many 80s cult classics everybody love so much. I'm not really into these kind of films, and I'm not a fan of family horror-comedies à la Gremlins (a superior film anyway) either. Still, in its utter harmlessness, Critters has its moments and works as a nice showcase of sci-fi/horror practical and optical effects, from the reversed face meltdown to the weird titular furballs…

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  • Three Quarters

    Three Quarters


    Still better than Now You See Me

  • The Smell of Burning Ants

    The Smell of Burning Ants


    "No one ever tells him what to be, only what not to be; boys become boys, in large part, by not being girls. [...] Later, he will be with women, and feel what he has been robbed of."

    The creation of the male gender (there's a conflation in the film between sex and gender, its discourse tackling the traditional/patriarchal production of gender roles) is for once seen as a result of negative repression and the traumas provoked by the always-already…