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This review may contain spoilers.

do you know the feeling after you've been woken from sleep and you are immediately desperate try to fall back under to chase the high of your dream?
watching mulholland drive is like that, only elevated. elevated to the point of not even knowing what you're chasing anymore - you're simply desperate to see where it is leading you, and what the final outcome will be as your mind runs on overdrive and a confused sense of intrigue doesn't allow your eyes to look away. then the jarring shift in the last half hour occurs, and it's as if someone has rewound a tape and something jarred during the process. it is incredible how david lynch can captivate an audience and manipulate dread as it slowly begins to twist and turn, until we are left completely lost in awe and fascination.

the scene in the club when the singer begins her performance is stunning. when she collapses i was so engrossed, so captivated that i felt i couldn’t blink, for i didn’t want to miss even the slightest moment.

again, i unintentionally split my viewing of this into two. i began watching a few months ago and got about a half an hour in and finished it today. my o my, what a brilliant film. if i enjoyed it this much after having 'missed' the first half hour, then i wonder how i would go watching it complete from beginning to end. i will admit i had to watch a 'mulholland drive explained' video after i finished, and i would love to rewatch it to pick up on certain aspects now that i know the outcome. i can definitely see why i have seen this in quite a few of people's favourites lists.

i am yet to be blown away by a lynch creation, but i have been utterly captivated by the two films of his i have now seen. can't wait to watch even more!

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