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  • American Mary

    American Mary


    No because this was an absolute serve and it was directed by two women, the power the versatility the strength I love it all I love the vibes

  • Dead Leaves

    Dead Leaves


    Action-packed, vicious, and bizarre. Can’t say much more beyond that but uh, yeah! It’s definitely something that exists!

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  • The Craft: Legacy

    The Craft: Legacy

    If these motherfuckers aren’t lesbians I don’t want it 🙄

  • The Grudge

    The Grudge

    Okay but we have Sam Raimi producing, Takashi Shimizu writing (the writer/director of the original Japanese film as well as the American remake), and the guy who directed The Eyes of my Mother and Piercing at the helm. So let's try to be at least a little excited.

    EDIT: people please stop liking this review I wrote this before the shitfest actually came out :/