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  • Une rue à Tokyo, [I]
  • Scene of the Lightning Robber's Being Arrested
  • Two People at Dojo temple
  • Maple Leaf Viewing
  • Sadakichi Shimizu, the Armed Robber
  • Maple Leaf Viewing
  • Miyamoto Musashi's Subjugation of the Lustful Old Man
  • Battle at Honnôji Temple
  • The Legend of Miyamoto's Valor
  • The Loyal 47 Ronin

Jidaigeki films

1,055 films

I have used a loose definition of jidaigeki. I have included movies that take place in Japan during the Edo…

  • Tsukigata Hanpeita
  • Cape Ashizuri
  • I Will Buy You
  • Farewell to Southern Tosa
  • Travels of Gonkuro


22 films

I lived in Kochi, Japan for a number of years, and am very fond of the place. These movies are…