Skyfall ★★★★★

“Now they only eat rat...”

For me, no James Bond movie comes close to being as good as Skyfall. Everything about this film is absolutely captivating, from the story to Roger Deakins’ cinematography. And as excited as I am for No Time To Die, I don’t think it’ll quite live up to this. I really hope it surprises me though. This movie is just such a work of art.
The writing is brilliant, Javier Bardem’s performance is scary good, and for the first half of this movie James Bond looks like absolute shit. Which only happens in this one. There’s a lot that I love about this film and I could go on for hours, really I love James Bond in general and I do think that Casino Royal is a damn good movie as well. But to me, this one is a spitting image of what a perfect Bond movie is.

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