Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★½

This is such a well-cut gem of a film. (Ba da tiskkk.) But of course, I didn’t expect anything else from the Safdies. Julia Fox is my new crush. It is insane that she hasn’t been in much else because the performance she gave felt like she is an a-list actress. This film has a crazy fucking ending full of so many twists. Adam Sandler is an incredibly chaotic man-similar to Robert Pattinsons character, Connie, in Good Time, in the sense that he pushes his past his limits constantly and just says “fuck it.” The Safdies have a beautiful ability to craft these characters that are so believably out for themselves, yet oddly still likeable and charming in some way? This was so gritty and perfect. I need more Safdie films, now.