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  • Minari



    *Googles "Is Minari an invasive species?"*

    But seriously, this captures the universality of the immigrant experience with such certain specificity--tough to balance and pull this off, but this does it. What a gem!

  • Soul



    What's the opposite of dread? Because whatever this made me feel is not existential dread. Beautiful, touching, personal, and HOPEFUL. This is a tremendous effort from Pixar, really a much-needed respite as we turn in a new year. Overall, a gentle reminder of how beautiful the mundane can be. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are wizards and just about elevates anything they touch.

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  • The Glass Castle

    The Glass Castle


    The Glass Castle is as studio movie as it can get. Book to movie adaptation? Check. Recognizable lead? Check. Drama with a helpful of humour and lightheartedness? Check. Bright and inoffensive cinematography? Check.

    Within this context, it isn't a bad movie per se, but it just meets expectations. Considering Cretton's work with Short Term 12, I personally feel this movie could have delivered the source material's pathos more seriously--less silver lining-ly? I mean, we're dealing with child abuse here. I…

  • Birdshot



    I actually feel compelled to elevate my film vocabulary for this review because Birdshot has GORGEOUS mise en scène. There is abundance of beautifully warm photography here that captures the Philippine rural's mystique and myth.

    However, I found the narrative aspect of Birdshot scattered and cold. This film dips itself in both coming-of-age and police thriller (ala Memories of Murder) genres--and I'm not entirely sure if there is a duality here that is to be connected, but it wasn't obvious.…