I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

File under: "Films to Reference When Arguing Why Trump Won"

While the I, Tonya excels in its dark humour, I found myself problematically laughing at Tonya and all the "white trash" characters because they were portrayed as jokes, which can inadvertently dismiss their struggles as a people. Consequently, the humour here has the tendency to undercut the insight that is layered within the film.

This line from Tonya struck me, "I don't have a wholesome American family... Why can't it just be about skating?"

And true, why can't it just be about skating?

Anyway, this film could have been elevated to a higher rating had it been tighter. The stylistic choices in this film would have been more impactful and memorable if the film was 20-ish minutes shorter.

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