Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★

Taika Watiti has always been a master of the humorous mundane. He finds comedy in the every day. He makes humanity -life itself- important via humor.

Eagle and Shark gave us the horror of acne at the age of 36, of trying to impress a girl even when you have absolutely no game. Boy handed us questionable fathers, Michael Jackson, and the hunt for treasure. Even in the grand scale of Thor: Ragnarok, we had the pettiness of sibling rivalry.

In Jojo Rabbit, we have... disappointment.

Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell deliver stand-out performances, worthy of the caliber that I know Watiti is capable of being. And, you can't help but smile through a rendition of the Beatles auf Deutsche. There's joy, connection, silliness in nothing... All those moments are there, hints of the flavor I've loved from Watiti since his debut.

Unfortunately, in the backdrop of a World War, there are no small problems.

So, when you mix the gravity of a Jew hiding from persecution and the humor of a little boy who has Hitler as an imaginary friend, the film slides into nonsense. You simply can't have immense tragedy in one moment and, five minutes later, have a man charging into battle with a feathered cape and radar gun. It doesn't mesh.

And, as a film that advertises itself as an "An Anti-hate Satire", it fails. Hard.

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