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  • The Incredible Jessica James

    The Incredible Jessica James


    This film attempts to capitalise off modern feminism by pretending the main character is a feminist who rejects patriarchal concepts like high heels and baby showers, but who, in reality, spends the entire film fantasising about her ex boyfriend and then her new boyfriend.
    I suppose the writer thought that women being sexually aggressive, such as in one scene where she insisted she go upstairs with her new lover who tells her they should 'slow down', is what it…

  • The Counselor

    The Counselor



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  • Prisoners



    The film exploited the typical thriller conventions but it favoured the exploration of the theme of 'man-pushed-to-the-edge'. (I'm not ashamed to say I cried; Jackman's tortured father struck a particular chord with me. Although Gyllenhaal juxtaposed this nicely and the audience was torn between each point of view). Cinematographically, it was thoughtfully composed, sometimes beautifully so. Certainly the winter setting was utilised to full advantage, becoming almost a character in its own right. As a jaded old English teacher, I am happy to report that many of the plot twists I did not see coming; a rare feat indeed.