In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

maggie cheung’s every look in this would literally make the film worth watching just for that alone, not sure anyone has ever looked better throughout a film than she does in this

it’s nice to watch such an acclaimed film and to see that it lives up to every ounce of praise it gets - especially one that if i just came across without knowing all the praise and love it gets and just saw the description, without knowing the director too and liking a few of his other films (though not as much), i wouldn’t be interested in or feel like it’s something i would be likely to like. in the hands of most directors, i probably wouldn’t or at least nowhere near as much. it manages to feel really unique even though the story itself isn’t and there are so many heterosexual romance movies out there, but the way it’s shot, the music, the cast, the acting, the costumes and the clear love you can tell went into every frame of this film make it the best of its kind. the choice to not show their spouses faces at all was a genius one and the mood and feelings of loneliness and disconnect from their partners you get from that alone is incredible. what a beautiful and special film

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