Midsommar ★★★½

This was overall an effective folk-horror film. I enjoyed the allegory, and liked that it was no too in your face. I did not think this packed the same punch that Hereditary did, but it was suspenseful and intriguing. A worthwhile watch from an interesting new director. I feel like some critics are going to praise this for being more "restrained" than Hereditary and they will say this is a sign of maturity, but I actually wish this one went a bit further. I enjoyed what a wild ride Hereditary was, and this was similar but less insane.

The set up was excellent. I really enjoyed the first 20 minutes of the film a lot. I was thinking I may end up liking this even more than Hereditary based on the opening sequence. Florence Pugh was really great, and the dialogue was actually better than Hereditary as well. One of my few complaints with Hereditary was that the dialogue felt forced in many scenes. In this film, I only recall one moment where the dialogue didn't feel right.

A lot happened off camera, and I personally enjoyed the style of Hereditary where you saw the gory mess as it went down. If this was a bit bolder and grosser it would have gotten at least 4 stars, but I wanted just a little more from the ending.