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  • Shazam!


    oh boy............ i had fun even if i didn’t really like it? there’s so much that feels underwritten, and even more that feels unexplored, but i wasn’t ever bored and i laughed a lot (although i think most of the time it was at things that weren’t intentionally funny?) the first half is more exciting than the last; the final fight, in particular, has no sense of stakes or danger. and i don’t even really care about the stakes of…

  • How to Train Your Dragon

    How to Train Your Dragon

    i will neither confirm nor deny if this made me cry three times

    so tender and whimsical and the training montage completely charmed me. the score is maybe the most magical part. Toothless ranks among the cutest animated creatures........... absolutely precious. although it's not the most innovative or novel story, it's familiar in all the right, warm ways. the pastel pink sunset during the flying sequence is one of the most delicate and romantic sets i've seen. i'd watch this again in a heartbeat, especially if i wanted to feel myself grounded and happy in the way a warm spring afternoon makes you feel.

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    dear you,

    as of tonight, there are 500 of you.

    back in middle school, i used to write letters to an online friend named ellie. her real name was laura, but she went by ellie. sometimes i called her larry, as a joke, and she called me tyler, as a joke.

    she had so many names that when we started writing letters to each other, like bonafide pen pals, i'd address them "dear you" -- because sometimes, even when i…

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place

    this is a writer's workshop wet dream. this is a well-studied, well-executed narrative paradigm of what good writing does.

    the exposition is kept to a minimum. the reality of this world is established quickly, but Krasinski does so efficiently and affectively. the physical and life-threatening stakes are marked from the get-go, as are the emotional stakes, which ultimately end up being even more terrifying and tension-inducing than the former.

    there's any number of "plant and pay-offs," which are all satisfying,…