Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

likening this to Beautiful Boy was the last thing i anticipated, but—if i had problems with the editing in Beautiful Boy, then good gravy did i not care for the editing here. there are so many cuts to different characters’ faces, often in the middle of dialogue, but no one’s reacting? they’re just... looking blankly?? why?? i’d get it maybe if there was some visual subtext, but on the whole it felt like so many close-up’s came just after the moment or reaction they should’ve been capturing. it was the aftermath with no storm preceding it, just tepid waters. and those dissolves were... certainly plentiful to say the least...

the costuming was gorgeous (Freddie’s Adidas in particular) & as a fan of Malek’s from Mr. Robot, it was nice to see him so fully-embody the role. there just seemed to be a distinct lack of scenes; when Freddie comes out to Mary, that’s a scene, and a moving one at that, but otherwise everything rushes by all together too quickly, with not a lot to hold onto besides flashing colors and beautiful notes. this felt more glitzy than it did settled, and i just wish i’d felt more for all of the characters, instead of just registering their lovely outlines.


also, unrelated but i have yet another shit theater experience to add to the stories of Foot Man & Lap Man: last night some guy managed to knock and kick my chair for the entirety of the film? truly not once, not twice, for the whole damn thing. he also was the loudest rustler of popcorn bags i’ve ever heard, and he waited until the quietest parts of the film?? how and also why!

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