so much depends not just upon stolen glances, but upon shared gazes, too. this is a film about seeing and being seen, looking and being watched, longing and being received.

the fact that this is shot on film is so precious. partially because i just think it looks really beautiful aesthetically, but also because the film of the movie is its own art object, something to be beheld just as carol & therese's love is to be developed. and my god, the color palette... the coloring is not so much about contrast as it is about balance. what should otherwise be in tension instead forges its own kind of harmony, its own sort of unity. the holidays are far too often a hallmark objective correlative, but here, the holidays are what are at stake. family and identity and culture are risked and redefined... and ultimately, rewarded, too.

i will champion (a) this score and (b) Sarah Paulson until the end of time. they do so much subtle, beautiful, powerful work... happy holidays!

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