Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

i can’t believe i got blue balled by Justin Theroux who was on screen for literally 11 seconds at most...............

but. i just don’t think me and rian johnson are cinematically compatible. the pacing of each scene rarely worked for me, i hated how each shot was set up, and the lighting took me out of the film again & again. the script also didn’t hit for me, but i think this is just a type of writing i don’t respond to well. the actors do what they can with what they’re given — and i think for a lot of others, they do well. the audience laughed when they were supposed to for the most part. people cheered. i am really glad this is resonating so significantly with fans of this franchise. because i didn’t grow up with Star Wars, i don’t really have any affective stake in these films. i just want to have Fun when i watch them, you know? i had Fun with The Force Awakens... this, less so. but i love Oscar Isaac and Daisy Ridley and my god, Mark Hamill really shines. i love Justin Theroux too, even when he’s only onscreen for a blink’s worth of time.


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