The Dark Knight

call me fucking boo boo the fool for putting off seeing this for so long—but, better late & quarantined than never—

there isn't much to say that hasn't already been said, but it is incredible to see this movie now after its impact has spread so profusely. The Dark Knight is so clearly a reference point for superhero films, though none seem to have so successfully imitated the original. the film tonally balances its pervasive darkness—violence, uncertainty, chaos—with earnestness, humor, and irony. for every unhinged lick, laugh, or look from Ledger's Joker, there is an equally deft internal struggle with Batman, emotional but restrained support from Alfred, moral resilience and resolve with Rachel.

more than anything, The Dark Knight excels at drama, redressing the beats of a crime/mob movie for a sound superhero film. it falters so lightly when it shifts the tension onto Two-Face's shoulders—little fault of Eckhart's alone, because really, who could follow, let alone match, Ledger's range? the writing also feels a bit weaker in the third half, properly marking this a Nolan film if nothing else... at one point i thought some of Batman's dialogue reminded me of Dunkirk's egregiously cheesy script, forgetting that uhhh this... was... actually a Nolan film lmao

but whatever! it's an almost flawless marathon sprinted through streets littered with crime and greed—a little stumbling toward the light is forgivable, especially when it so sincerely embraces the very uncertainty that propels it forward back toward the black of night

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