Your Name.

Your Name.

i wish i could tell you how much i love this, or why i love it, but it’s something smaller and more delicate than words. it’s a feeling of something in the distant past. this movie makes me feel the way the weather does sometimes, when it’s just stopped raining, or just about to start again, and half the sky is swallowed in gray, and the other half is cut with blue and glistening in wet light. like something is coming, or maybe already passing, and i’m part of it, and outside of it, and i want it, i want to name it, but it’s already gone.

and isn’t it so amazing that someone, or a team of someones, made this. that something like this exists at all. that we can populate our world with our reflections and reiterations. that we can create when we can’t quite communicate. isn’t it something to think that nothing is more than chance and chaos — and sometimes we get something beautiful and fleeting and just right there.

i love this so much. i can’t tell you why. i just know it, and feel it, and am grateful for it.

also the soundtrack... it gets me every time.

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