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  • Mulan: Rise of a Warrior

    Mulan: Rise of a Warrior


    With the Disney trailer for Mulan (2020) being released yesterday, it's timely that I finally watch this film.

    Hua Mulan is a remarkable woman. Portrayed by Zhao Wei, this film is much more traditional and better adheres to the legend. That is not to bemoan Disney's animated adaptation of years ago. It is certainly enjoyable with it's singing, dancing, and humorous side characters. But as the subtitle "Rise of a Warrior" suggests, this is primarily a war film in ancient…

  • Interstellar



    “We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. Now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.”

    With a friend, I re-watched most of Nolan's work leading up to seeing Dunkirk with him in the theater. Due to time constraints and scheduling conflicts, Interstellar was the only film we missed out watching for that marathon of films. Finally though, I re-watched it today. And shoutout to the Don't…

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  • Mulan: Rise of a Warrior

    Mulan: Rise of a Warrior


    My sister (who gifted me the movie) wanted to watch this after I told her how good I felt it was. She got destroyed emotionally and was crying multiple times throughout the film. Hua Mulan is an amazing legendary figure and this film does her tale justice.

  • Ne Zha

    Ne Zha


    There are various reasons Nezha got onto my radar: It’s a Well Go USA release, the financial success it is having in China, and an excellent review by Gary. That was enough to convince me to drive past several other theaters to make it to an IMAX 3D showing. Happy to say the theater was well filled and everyone appeared to have a good time.

    I’m not too familiar with animation outside of Disney/Pixar and various anime directors. That being…