Burning ★★★

I want to really love this.
All of my immediate outward influences want me to love this too. Hailed as one of the best films of the year, I couldn't help but look forward to seeing this film. In the same vein, I couldn't help but be disappointed as things came to a close. That said, I enjoyed watching the film play out and it has since grown on me.
The film's insistence on minute details and it's portrayal of the world in which the character's are in is fantastic. The mundanity is met with some gorgeous cinematography and who couldn't help but fall victim to Steven Yeun in this role.
That said, it's plentiful metaphors fell mostly flat. I can look back on and appreciate the meditations that this film was offering but can't admit to readily soaking them up. Even with it's many layers, things felt too surface level. But, then, maybe that's the point.
However, I did appreciate the way that the world unfolded around the lead. Although I did not love his performance, things were well presented through that character's understanding of the world.
This may be something I appreciate more on a second viewing. Overall, this was a worthwhile film, ripe with artistic merit, that unfortunately left me feeling less than fulfilled.

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