Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★½

Halloween Kills. The third film in this series following the original 1978 Halloween and the 2018 Halloween. Halloween Kills takes place immediately after the 2018 predecessor ends, detailing the rampage and carnage being committed by Michael Myers as the town of Haddonfield searches for him. I enjoyed the 2018 Halloween and I think I like Halloween Kills just a bit more than that version. Halloween Kills gives a new lens onto the Halloween franchise, one filled with more dread, more desperation, and focusing on the monsters within us.

I must say, Halloween Kills is incredibly engaging and unique to the Halloween genre. It is very clear to see that David Gordon Green is a fan of this franchise because his direction of this movie is very good. He commands the camera and has an incredible use of shadows and light to build tension in the film. Halloween Kills has equal parts chaos with eerie tension, there is a sense of hopelessness and desperation not seen in any other Halloween film. Halloween Kills shows the lens from Michael's perspective as we see the chaos he has caused not just by his killings, but by his presence and trauma he has caused. Michael is brutal in this movie, maybe the most he has ever been, and his body count is insanely high. Halloween Kills builds off the themes of trauma and coping with trauma set up in the 2018 film, but instead looks to focus on how collective trauma can create a more powerful essence of Myers than his actions can.

Michael Myers power and essence are seen with how the citizens of Haddonfield react to Myers brutality. Showing a mob mentality with the citizens can connect to themes of how monsters can be created within each and every one of us. Michael Myers has affected so many people, and seeing how such a collective group of people deal with this trauma, whether by emotion, powerless actions, or empty bravado.

I do have issues with Halloween Kills that hold it back for me from being more effective. The editing was very erratic and jumpy, cutting to different subplots at a joking pace. This was distracting for me and took away from some scenes that could've been more effective. I also was not a fan of some of the writing in the film. The writing will be a big telling point as to who loves this movie and who hates it. I liked the writing and themes of Halloween Kills, but I really just could not look past the attempts at comedy and some poorly written characters that fell flat compared to the great themes Halloween Kills sets up. I don't think they should have announced this new telling as a trilogy with Halloween Ends slated fro 2022, because it does give a feel of Kills being a middle piece to a trilogy. I'm not saying it is solely a middle piece and doesn't have substance, it actually has great substance in its themes. It's just clear with how some subplots and characters are handled, there is set up for the closing chapter.

Halloween Kills for me is a good new piece to this halloween story. Focusing the film from Michael's lens and delving deeper into the collective trauma and presence of Michael was a great call for this movie. I was impressed with David Gordon Green's direction, but there were some flaws I just couldn't look past. Overall, I really like this new addition to the franchise and I'm very intrigued with how they close it out next year.

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