Joker ★★

our protagonist, arthur fleck, is simply trying to make it out on the mean streets, but is assaulted at work by one of many gangs of new york and nearly hit by a taxi driver. even his goodfellas at the clown club are hugo assholes. after hours a violent encounter on the subway leads to two rich men dying while a third wolf of wall street nearly escapes but is killed by arthur, who is now like a raging bull. the age of innocence is over.
at home, arthur wonders "whos that knocking on my door" and meets lady-who's-name-is-not-in-the-movie. together they go to a stand up club, as arthur has dreams of becoming the king of comedy. sadly, his set is met with silence. the departed rich guys death's has led to rebellion on the streets. arthurs idol murray franklin, who is the aviator of tv-comedy, flying high above the rest, sees arthurs failed set and invites him to his show as a joke. seeing that the irishman only has the color of money on his mind, arthur takes a gamble fit for a casino and accepts as it is like the last tempation of christ for him to appear on the tv-show. arthur is telling his jokes finally in front of the camera shutter. island, an island is what he becomes as he finally enacts the big shave live on tv bringing out the dead one more time.

also he meets bruce wayne but isn't scared which is ironic cause later on he's gonna have cape fear. get it? cause superheroes...