Mulholland Drive ★★½

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Well, I'm gonna be in the minority here. David Lynch is a genius, but uhhh... well, I didn't like this film.

The film deals with Hollywood's corrupt tendencies and that's about the only thing I can say without going into spoiler territory. The film requires your patience. Nothing really clicked with me until the last half hour. It's a trippy film to say the least.

First off, the pacing's pretty good here. It's a near two and a half film and feels like a 1 and a half hour one. The editing is so freaking good. It's dang near perfect. Everything from the sound design to transitions and cuts are *chef's kiss* perfection. They are just so clean! The film had some nice shots and the composition of them were pretty good. The score's really great too.

The acting's really strong at points (I'll get to why later). Naomi Watts (Betty Elms) and Laura Harring (Rita) put in fine performances. Especially the former near the end. My gosh.

However, while the film is really well made and I get what Lynch is trying to say, like he's brilliant, but... Well, he's not my kind of guy. I like surrealism, but not like this. It felt cold and dreamlike. I get that it's the point, but man, the film really pushed me away. Don't say I didn't understand it because I did (for the most part). I understood why the film was the way it was (again for the most part). I don't want to say because it goes into spoiler territory. But man, I wasn't too happy with my experience. Maybe serious mysteries don't do much for me. Maybe I don't find them too exciting.

Like again, I admire the film and if you adore this film, more power to you, but Lynch's style isn't for me and I felt more confused and at times, condescended to, rather than challenged and awe-inspired. I feel bad giving this lower than a 3.


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