Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas ★★

Yes it’s my third time watching this because I’m part of a book club and I’m an ardent fan of the book. And yes I’m sick to death of this film. 

Positives are: the sets, the very last act, and the casting for some characters is spot on. Some might like the way the stories intertwine; I don’t. 
Negatives… firstly, it’s absolutely appalling that non-Asian actors play Asian characters (I’d forgotten just how many of the actors do this), and to make matters worse the prosthetics look so rubbish. It’s utterly avoidable and irrelevant, and does not add a single thing to the story. 
Secondly, unless you have read the book this would be pretty much unintelligible gobbledegook, therefore alienating a large amount of the audience. No wonder this is a flop.
I still think the story would be much better off as a tv miniseries, since this kinda proves it’s impossible to make it into a good film.