Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

The one thing I kept thinking once the closing credits began to roll was the fact that the filmmakers didn’t use the big, beautiful mansion to their full potential, maybe apart from some excellent lighting.

Even so, the kills were surprisingly unimaginative for something that was set in an extremely resourceful setting. Like, I was expecting a chandelier drop and smash someone’s face in at one point, but most of the violence is kept to the standard weapons like bow and arrows, knives, guns etc.

That minor hunch aside, this was a hell of a time, and I applaud any horror-comedy that can make me laugh out loud multiple times, because it’s the one genre mash-up I tend to get annoyed by, and Samara Weaving is absolutely hilarious. She gets about 10 quotable lines throughout the film, not to mention, a brilliant closing shot that makes her the most memorable final girl of any film so far this year.

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