Suspiria ★★★★★

Likely to be one of the most divisive films to ever hit cinema screens, Suspiria is a flat-out avante-garde masterpiece of grotesque, sophisticated horror filmmaking, which raises more questions than it gives answers.

It’s much like waking from a nightmare on a balmy summers night, where in the seconds of rising, confusion and discomfort intoxicate the psyche, breathlessness causes anxiety without control, and not knowing if your surroundings are real or just leftover fragments of a frightening dream.

Kajganich and Guadagnino have taken Argento’s original blood-splattered fairytale, and built layers upon layers of historical and sociopolitical context, constructing a gloomy backdrop for the feminist theatrics unfolding inside the mirrored walls of the dance academy. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t just a great horror film, this is the spoonful of cinematic medicine we’ve all needed to cure our complacency in understanding the language of cinema. 

People will love it, people will hate it, people will struggle to understand it, and then there will be those who completely surrender to the sheer madness and artistic opulence Guadagnino has concocted here. 

Yet, one thing we can all agree on is...we’ve never seen anything like it. 

All hail the new king Guadagnino!

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