Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★★½

I think the fan-made rumors of Cruise playing Superior Iron Man really hurt this one for lots of folks. In general the constant chatter on social media leading up to the release of these main MCU films seems to be playing a role in this too. We've gotten so used to hunting for spoilers online that our hopes for these MCU movies are built to enormous proportions, then at show time there's no way anything happening on screen can live up to our expectations. This was a really cool movie, and while I really only subscribe to minimal social media channels I too was hunting for Superior Iron Man and wondering why he didn't appear, at least until I googled specific spoilers for the film most of the way through the viewing. Did it lessen the impact of the film? Honestly maybe a little, but not by much I think. I still really enjoyed this one for what it was. Were there plot holes? More than the average MCU flick I think. Honestly I believe this one could've used another 30-45 minutes of runtime to fill in several of the gaps. Do I not think a 3 hour movie is too much? Please - if you're one who counts runtime then you need to examine exactly how it is you get through a 400 minute streaming series so easily - movies can be watched in episodes too ya'know, and sometimes it takes more than 90 minutes to tell a story effectively. I've digressed here, but I'm almost done. Doctor Strange 2 is a fun flick, especially when Strange & Wong are battling that octo-eye monster in the beginning, but it gets edged out by most of the MCU for me for one main reason - The Scarlet Witch to me just isn't one of my favorite characters, even as a villain here. America Chavez for me is also a tough sell, I've just never been that into the 2000's era of the Marvel Comics' pantheon of characters in general, I'm an old-school old man. More of Twisted Strange or other alternate-dimension characters might've sold it for me a little better. The Illuminati were great and helped bring this one to 4.5 stars for me, I just think their action sequence was a bit too short in general. 4.5 stars from me puts this one in my top 10% of films but leaves it just shy of my 5-star favorites. It might change on a future watch, but for now I think that's exactly where it lands with me. It's very entertaining, I just really wasn't worked up significantly by any of it like when I watch a 5-star favorite.

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