Jaws ★★★★★

I've only seen small clips of this one on television here and there in decades past, and it was one that's been on my list for years and years, always being passed up for some other series of flicks. Spielberg's iconic shark flick is the perfect monster flick. Extreme suspense is created in act one while it sets a perfect narrative with some great characters. Act two carries the suspense to act three all while creating a high level of attachment to the story and characters. And act three is just bonkers. Just as the image of severed limbs floating in the water, the animatronic mouth of the 25-foot monster of a Great White has lost none of it's potency after nearly half a century of on-screen presence. It's still the go-to for shark horror films, and likely still one of the best made features to ever have been created.

Ever hear the story of the 'Lady of the Dunes'? There's a rumor that one of the extras in this film may have been the murder victim found within 100 miles of the film set two months after the filming of Jaws. A 2010 image of the reconstruction of The Lady of the Dunes' face shows an image of a woman with similarly shaped eyes, not to mention a blue bandanna was found on the body which is exactly what the extra was wearing in the film. For me that's too many coincidences to still write the idea off as far-fetched, as the Wikipedia entry to The Lady of the Dunes mentions of the link.

EDIT - In late 2022 the Lady of the Dunes was identified as Ruth Marie Terry. The linked Wikipedia article has some interesting information on her identification and suspect. There is no mention of evidence that she was this extra in Jaws.

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