Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

How would you put a denouement to a hill range of movies generally exhibiting steep slopes – Captain Marvel, and a relatively confined summit area – Infinity War, that has to rise prominently above its surroundings? Your answer should be Endgame.

The saga of the Avengers comes to an end with Endgame where we anticipatedly see our heroes trying to seek a way to undo the genocide caused by Thanos’ snap which has supposedly wiped out half of the MCU including many of our beloved characters.

UPS: Everyone had their space, exceptional performances by Robert Downey and the triple Chrises, heavy rage dramatic and miscellaneous monologues, insightful perception of the calamity, unprecedented visual effects, and diligent propagation of the chapters.

DOWNS: CM's time on the screen was less than expected, some decisions were arbitrary, and finally, you get those typical cringe-worthy superhero movie moments; to be fair, there were just a few.

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