When They See Us

When They See Us ★★★★½

Could one possibly survive watching the whole show in one sitting? Well, that's exactly what I've just done.

Ava's dramatization of the Central Park Five incident takes you through an embodiment of five teenagers who were wrongfully, and later conspiratorially, convicted of violent raping.

UPS: incredible performance by every single one in this show, especially Jharrel Jerome, his emotive performance was spectacular. First Moonlight and now this? This guy deserves way more appreciation, shout-out to Ava for giving this great actor his deserved time on this show, needless to mention Ava's conceivable directing and 'dramalistic' writing. Both the soundtrack and sound mixing were beautifully put.

DOWNS: the third episode seemed kind of dully long. Also, I needed more details regarding the malefactors who were involved in that devastating corruption: retribution.

And I just want to say that I personally hadn't heard of this incident until I watched this show due to the fact that I live far away from the country where the incident took place, which evoked a quite wistful feeling that I wasn't, at least, aware of this.

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