The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★½

Here’s something I really wasn’t expecting:

I love The Devil All the Time!

I don’t know!! Maybe it was the low expectations I had, maybe the perfect situation I saw it in (watching films in the dead of night is incredible!) but I really loved watching this! A meandering story, intertwining narratives, strong themes - it’s just all very well crafted.

I absolutely adore the atmosphere and setting - this lawless, together-yet-divided America is so interesting, and the perfect place to explore religion, evil, mankind in our truest form. I think this film is a lot deeper than people think, but I admit it can be a little shallow and on-the-nose sometimes.

A truly star studded cast too! I love all the little roles, how they slide together into this perfect pattern. If all feels very... humble? No one overstays their welcome, no one completely takes over the film - everyone’s playing their part on the team. 

Any personal standouts? Harry Melling absolutely kills his role - I’d love to see him in more, he’s got pure talent and electricity on screen. Bill Skarsgard mesmerised me, and I felt and understood every action he took, even if it was logically ludicrous.

Also, the narration is great!! Totally pulls me in! Honestly? Give me more lateral stories with narration, they’re awesome!

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