Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★½

You have to start with Leos Carax to approach this film, I think. Hell, the movie itself does. This is his first film in 13 years. In interviews, he's said that the vignettes that make up this film are largely ideas he's had for films that he was unable to get made. All of this makes for a film whose infinite sense of possibility is paradoxically heartbreaking--Lavant's shapeshifter seems to regret that his roles must end, and so to does Carax long for visions that were never fully realized (there's a certain sadness to his resurrection of the Merde character--this is his second appearance in a Carax project, yet the talked-about Merde feature still hasn't (and probably never will) materialized). You get the sense that he wanted to take everything he had left and put it into this one film, coherence be damned. It has a weird magic.

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